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Research shows that cats love to drill cardboard boxes for security

Research shows that cats love to drill cardboard boxes for security

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What makes the global cat lovers trouble is that their own cats have a soft and luxurious cat litter, but they prefer the dirty carton.

What makes the global cat lovers trouble is that their own cats have a soft and luxurious cat litter, but they prefer the dirty carton. According to the British "Daily Telegraph" reported on February 5, researchers at Utrecht University in the Netherlands found that cats can get the maximum comfort and safety in the carton and provide cartons for one group of subjects, another group Then no. After a period of observation, the experimenter found that the stress levels of the two groups of cats showed significant differences.

The experimental results show that the cats in the carton have better environmental adaptability, and the stress level is relatively lower than that of the other group of subjects. This shows that cats are more inclined to evade problems than to solve problems.

A book on animal behavior gives an explanation: cats have not developed the same conflict resolution strategies as other social groups, so they can only avoid fierce struggle by avoiding each other or reducing activities. ”