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Novice dog raising five taboos, have you shot?

Novice dog raising five taboos, have you shot?

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有许多朋友开始养狗都是非计划性的,比如看到一只特可爱的狗狗一时兴起,比如看到一只很可怜的狗狗,比如朋友突然送了一只狗狗给你等等,总之在你在完全不了解如何养狗的时候你就开始养狗了,如果喂养不当就可能引起狗狗生病甚至死亡,在这里给你介绍的几大忌,作为养狗新手的你一定要牢记呀! 狗狗进门后第一忌:洗澡 狗狗刚进家门,可能臭臭的,可能脏乎乎的,你很想一进门就给它来个彻底的清洁

There are many friends who are starting to raise dogs, such as seeing a cute dog on the rise, such as seeing a poor dog, such as a friend suddenly giving a dog to you, etc. In short, when you don't know how to raise a dog at all, you start raising a dog. If you don't feed properly, you may cause the dog to become sick or even die. Here are some taboos to introduce to you. As a novice dog, you must keep in mind. Yeah!

The first bogey after the dog enters the door: taking a shower

The dog just entered the house, it may be stinky, it may be dirty, you want to give it a thorough cleaning as soon as you enter the door, wash the dog clean and fragrant, then hold it to play But you don't know if this might kill your dog. The dog will not adapt to the new environment, fear, this time the dog's resistance is very weak, the bath is easy to let it catch a cold, and cause shit and other diseases that are fatal to the dog, so the dog just brought back When you are at home, be sure not to rush to bathe it. If it is dirty, you can limit its active area, or use dry cleaning. In short, don't let the dog get wet and take a big shower.

The second bogey and the third bogey after the dog enters the door: eating meat, drinking milk

You may think that the dog is very weak, look at it in a small, poor way, and you really want to feed it delicious. And you also like to watch the dog gorging to eat the food you prepared, but this is not the right way. Dogs, especially puppies, are very vulnerable to gastrointestinal vomiting and diarrhea. Meat and milk are things that can cause gastrointestinal problems in dogs. It is not easy to cure diarrhea when the dog is weak. Therefore, you need to understand this dog knowledge is: the safest diet for dogs is dog food plus boiled water, although looking at the light, but it will not cause any problems. In addition, you have to ask the original owner of the dog. What kind of dog food did it eat? It is best to let it eat the original dog food during the initial period of raising the dog, and slowly change it to something else. Dog food.

The fourth bogey after the dog enters the door: no dog leash

It is a very dangerous thing to go out without a dog leash. It is caused by a fight with other dogs, being injured by a car, and being lost because it is not caused by a dog leash. For dogs that don’t know much about their habits, you don’t have to go out with a dog leash. You will lose control when there is an emergency. You don’t understand the dog’s thoughts, and the dog can’t understand your order, so if you want Bring your new dog out, even if it doesn't fit, you shouldn't have a dog leash. You can train it to fit the dog leash and develop a good habit from the beginning.

The fifth bogey after the dog enters the door: eager to deworm

Deworming is very important for dogs, whether it is ectoparasites or internal parasites need to drive. But when the dog first arrives at your home, deworming can cause the dog to become more uncomfortable, causing the dog to become sick or fearful of you. My advice is to tolerate the internal parasites that are not very serious. For dogs with ectoparasites, isolate them from people. It is best to keep them in cages. Bringing a dog with a collar is also the least scary for the dog. When the dog adapts to the new environment, it is not too late to deworm after eating well.