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Brief description of automatic packaging machine

Brief description of automatic packaging machine

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The small automatic packaging machine is mainly used for solid grain packaging, plastic granules, food, and other solid packaging. 

The small automatic packaging machine is mainly used for solid grain packaging, plastic granules, food, and other solid packaging. It is internally heated and is the smallest and most advanced model at home and abroad. It is the most suitable product for plastic pellets, grains, and other food factories.


1. Fully automatic packaging machinery is widely used: food, chemical, pharmaceutical, light industry are used (the machinery industry is relatively small).

2. It is easy to use: complete multiple processes at one time: pull bag, bag making, filling, coding, counting, metering, sealing, sending out products, can be automated, and no operation after setting.

3. High efficiency: The output of the automatic packaging machine in the Chinese market can be close to 120-240 bags, replacing the manual products of the 80s, and the output is much more than several times.

4. Clean and energy-saving: the use of automatic packaging machine is clean and hygienic, no need to do manual work, with clean, sanitary, material-saving, bag-saving, provincial, environmental protection and many other functions.